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Expert Scholarship Information from Marianne Ragins,
Motivational Speaker, Author, and $400,000 Scholarship Winner
on How to Pay for College

With college tuition costs steadily on the rise, everyone believes it costs an arm and a leg to pay for college these days — and the only way to avoid the expense is to strain an arm filling out ovals for a perfect SAT score, strain a leg practicing for a highlight film slam dunk, or qualify as severely in need of free money for college. But contrary to conventional wisdom, you don’t need killer grades, a killer throwing arm, or a slim bank account to get money for a college education, just explore this web site published by Marianne Ragins to find out why you don’t.

As a high school senior, Ragins made headlines when she won a record-breaking $400,000+ in scholarship money for college. With nearly two decades of experience, Marianne can show you that scholarship dollars don’t just go to those students with the best grades, best test scores, or best points-per-game average, they REALLY go to those who know how to find and win scholarships. Marianne can show you how to pay for college with her scholarship books, online classes, eBookswebinars and informative workshops



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