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College Scholarships for Adults, Transfer & Returning Students (Nontraditional)

nontraditional studentEven though you may be an older student or returning to college as an adult after a number of years, you should still conduct your scholarship search just as a younger student would. This means you should use the Free Scholarship Search section in addition to the search strategies in Winning Scholarships for College to find college scholarships. Review Chapter 20 in Winning Scholarships for College titled, “Scholarships for Nontraditional Students – Distance Learners and Adults Returning to College.” During your search you will find that not only are there scholarships that do not have age requirements, there are also scholarships specifically intended for nontraditional students just like you. If you don't have time to read a book but you do have a computer, the Scholarship Workshop CD for Nontraditional & Current College Students is a computer based resource you can use. Within minutes of accessing the CD, you will be taking specific action steps designed to help you find scholarships for starting or finishing your education. Using the Scholarship Workshop CD for Nontraditional & Current College Students you can directly link to programs and resources designed to help you find college aid immediately, rather than spending considerable time wandering all over the Internet without a specific path to follow.

Use the following short list of adult scholarships to give you a jump-start on your scholarship search. Please contact each organization to confirm deadlines and eligibility criteria. Do not use this listing as your sole resource! There may be other scholarships available to you based on your background, life experience, and specific interests.

To get additional information about the scholarships and awards listed below, visit the linked web sites or refer to the appendix of Winning Scholarships for College for more information. Winning Scholarships for College also contains a special section for women in search of funds as a returning college student. You can also turbocharge your search by using the Scholarship Workshop CD for Nontraditional & Current College Students.

Scholarship/AwardScholarship AmountDeadlineAdministrator/Sponsor
Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) Varies March of each year Executive Women International
All USA & All State Community and Junior College Academic Team up to $2500 depending on team December 1 USA Today
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Program up to $30,000 per year Late January Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
"Leading the Future II" Scholarship Varies March 1 The Scholarship Workshop
Ragins/Braswell National Scholarship Varies April 30 The Scholarship Workshop
Talbot's Women's
Scholarship Fund
$1000 - $10000 Early January Scholarship America
Dr. Angela Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund $2000 - $5000 Early March

Dr. Angela Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund


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