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Winning Scholarships for College

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Wondering About Paying for a College Education?

Best-selling College Scholarship Guide from Marianne Ragins, Winner of More than $400,000 in Scholarships for College

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Marianne Ragins, the publisher of www.scholarshipworkshop.com and winner of more than $400,000 in scholarship money, presents the fully revised and updated Winning Scholarships for College, Fourth Edition. Containing the most up-to-date scholarship resources, this classic guide will show you the path to scholarship success. This is one of the most comprehensive books on winning scholarships on the market, revealing where and how to search for funds, and containing step-by-step instructions for the application process.     

The fourth edition has information on hundreds of scholarships from the most well-known resources to smaller, more localized funds. This edition also guides readers through the use of the Internet and social media in their scholarship search, and gives detailed suggestions for essays with examples from the author’s own highly successful scholarship search.

With special chapters focusing on helping middle class scholarship seekers, home schooled students, those without an A average and even students as young as age 6, this guide is a must have tool. Whether you’re in high school, enrolled in or going back to college, studying abroad, or pursuing a postgraduate degree, this book is an invaluable resource for helping you effectively finance the education you want.

WINNING SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE also provides hundreds of new references linking students and parents to millions of scholarship dollars. With fully updated references, websites, and detailed program information, this book covers every aspect of the scholarship process, from organizing your search strategy to choosing scholarships and colleges for maximum value.

Winning Scholarships for College Answers These Questions and Many Others

  • When is the best time to start searching for scholarships? Is it ever too early? Is it ever too late?
  • Can I get scholarships/grants to pay back student loans I already have?
  • Are some scholarships grade-blind?
  • Is community service important for winning scholarships?
  • What are the top 10 mistakes students make when applying for scholarships?
  • If we're middle class with a two income household, can my kids still win scholarships? Is it okay for my son/daughter to write their own recommendation for a time-pressed counselor to sign?
  • What does the PSAT mean for scholarships?
  • If I'm not a highly recruited athlete, can I get an athletic scholarship?

New Chapters in Winning Scholarships for College

  • Scholarships for students in kindergarten and beyond
  • Scholarships for middle-class students
  • Options for students with less than an A average
  • Opportunities for home-schooled students
  • How to harness the power of the Internet and social media for your scholarship search
  • How to understand and minimize student loans if scholarships don’t cover the entire cost of your education

Table of Contents

Winning Scholarships for College: An Insider's Guide

  1. College Costs
  2. The Scholarship Search: Discovering Hidden Treasures
  3. Using the Internet and Social Media in Your Scholarship Search
  4. The Local Scholarship Search: Finding Scholarships in Your Backyard
  5. Financial Aid Forms and Help from the Government with College Expenses
  6. Getting Organized
  7. Getting the Most from Your Counselor
  8. Taking Tests
  9. Writing Your Scholarship Résumé: How to Stand Out and Why Grades Don't Mean Everything
10. The Application
11. Writing Scholarship Essays That Get Noticed
12. Scholarship Interviewing Tips
13. The Art of Getting Good Recommendations and Requesting Nominations
14. Scholarships and Awards for Community Service, Volunteering, and Work
15. Unusual Scholarship Opportunities
16. Scholarships for the Unnoticed Athlete
17. Scholarships for Minorities: What's the Difference in a Minority Scholarship Hunt?
18. Scholarships for Current College Students and Transfer Students
19. Going Beyond the Undergraduate Degree— Paying for Graduate School
20. Scholarships for Nontraditional Students— Distance Learners and Adults Returning to College
21. Scholarships for International Students and Study Abroad Funding for U.S. Students
22. Scholarships for Disabled Students
23. I Am Homeschooled— Can I Still Win Scholarships?
24. I Do Not Have an A Average— Can I Get Scholarships for College?
25. Are There Scholarships for Middle- Class Students?
26. Scholarships for Younger Students— From Kindergarten to 11th Grade
27. Scholarships and College Funding for the Military and Their Family
28. Making Choices: You've Won an Award . . .Now What Do You Do?
29. For Parents Only: Helping Your Son or Daughter with the College and Scholarship Process
30. For Parents Only: Motivating Your Kids to Win Scholarships
31. For Parents Only: Saving for College
32. It's Never Too Early to Prepare for the Scholarship Search
33. Scholarship Do's and Don'ts: Insider Tips from Scholarship Providers
34. Understanding and Minimizing Student Loans If You Don't Win Enough Scholarship Money Initially
35. Major Reasons Why Some Students Win Scholarships and Others Don't
36. Tips for Reducing Your College Expenses and Increasing Your Scholarship Chances
37. What to Do If Your Financial Aid Package Is Not Enough or Your Dream School Reduces Your Aid Package Due to Scholarships You've Won
38. Parting Words




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