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media-cornerIf you're writing an article and need a quote related to the following questions or others not listed, Marianne Ragins can give you expert answers based on nearly 20 years of experience. Send us an e-mail today to get the answers you need! For urgent deadlines, please call Ivan McGee at 202 409-3602 to reach Ms. Ragins immediately.


  • How can students prepare for the scholarship search?
  • How can parents motivate their kids to apply for scholarships?
  • How are scholarships renewed?
  • How can students attend The Scholarship Workshop presentation or an online class led by Marianne Ragins?
  • How can the PSAT help students win scholarships?
  • How can students prepare for a scholarship interview?
  • If you don't have an “A” average and high SAT scores, how can you win scholarships?
  • How can you win a scholarship if you have no financial need?


  • What should parents and students do to organize their online scholarship search?
  • Are essays always required to apply for scholarships?
  • What tips can you give students to help them be successful in their scholarship search?
  • What area is most ignored by students searching for scholarships?
  • What is one of the best ways students can boost their chances of winning a scholarship?
  • What is the parent’s role in the scholarship search?
  • What scholarship opportunities are available to student's already in college?
  • When applying for scholarships, what should students do if they do not have the highest grades?


  • Should students use more than the Internet when looking for scholarships?
  • Where can students get help writing essays for scholarships and college entrance?
  • Where should students look for scholarship information?
  • Are there specific places minority students should look for scholarship information?


  • When should students start looking for scholarships?
  • Is it ever too late to start looking and applying for scholarships?
  • Does early high school graduation affect scholarship eligibility?
  • If you wait a year after high school graduation before attending college, will this affect scholarship eligibility?

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