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Help Your Kids Find and Get Scholarships

Are you wondering where do parents find scholarships for their kids? Think of every organization or association you or your child may be affiliated with as potential sources of scholarships.

For example:

  • Do you belong to a credit union?
  • Do you belong to a union?
  • Do you belong to a fraternity or sorority?
  • Do you have any religious affiliations?
  • Do you belong to a college or university alumni association?

If you belong to any of the above types of organizations, your membership could be the key to a scholarship opportunity for your son or daughter. Even associations you think are unlikely could be a possibility. For example, your electric utility company or an association such as the Military Benefit Association (a nonprofit organization of military personnel and civilian employees of the United States Government that offers $2000 scholarships to the children of their members) could be a funding opportunity. In some cases, if you become an active member of an organization that does not have a scholarship program, you can suggest one. Some organizations are eager to provide educational benefits to their members and to the surrounding communities in which they operate. If they take your suggestion seriously and introduce a scholarship program for their members or children of their members, they may do so in time to help your son or daughter get scholarships. If not, the program will still benefit others in your organization and could also help any younger children you might have in later years.

You can also refer to 10 Steps for Using the Internet in Your Scholarship Search, our Finding Scholarships Guide to help your kids find and get scholarships for college.


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