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Information on How to Use the Scholarship Toolbox

To help you get started on your scholarship search, refer to The Scholarship ToolBox which provides scholarship information that can be very beneficial and educational for those looking for scholarships.

You should use the sections in The Scholarship ToolBox in the following manner:

  • Look at the Scholarship Timeline to get an idea of how you should be organizing your time and resources to apply for the maximum amount of scholarships and financial aid.
  • Review the Scholarship Myths, Scams, and Success Stories section of the toolbox.
  • Use the Free Scholarship Search section to visit computerized scholarship search web sites to get a quick start list of scholarships for which you may be eligible. Remember, using the Internet should give you a jump-start on your search. You should still search for local and regional scholarships that probably will not be on the Web. Smaller scholarships will not be either. The most successful students use a combination of the Internet, books, and local research to create a personal scholarship application list.
  • Refer to The Scholarship & Aid Programs section to visit specific scholarship programs for your situation. For example, if you are a high school student, visit the high school section. If you are a high school student and a minority, visit both the high school and the minority section. In addition, if you are a student already in college or a return-to-college student, there are sections for you also.
  • Visit the Scholarship Books section to find books and resources you should keep handy as you start preparing your applications for scholarships.
  • See the Scholarship Tips section to learn common mistakes made by students when applying for scholarships.
  • Read the FAQs on How to Apply for Scholarships to see common questions and their answers. Some of the answers may be helpful to you as you embark on your scholarship quest.

Please note that these sections give you examples and useful resources and information to help you begin your scholarship research. Please do not rely upon them as your sole source of research. There may be many more scholarships available to you than those listed on this site. In fact, you may find even more programs listed in Winning Scholarships for College.


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