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Success Stories

Many students have discovered success in finding scholarships thanks to inspirational speaker Marianne Ragins’ motivational workshops. Help motivate your child or students to find scholarships by referring to the many scholarship books Ragins offers or by requesting a workshop in your area.

Below you’ll find stories on success that’s been realized as a result of attending The Scholarship Workshop.

people2-1-232x200I was waitlisted at the University of Oklahoma whose automatic admission this year was 1170 on the SAT. I scored an 1140. I did not meet their waitlist qualifications . . . Based on what I learned from you [Marianne Ragins] I took the initiative to include with my application, my résumé, three reference letters, and a personal statement of why I wanted to attend their university.

The Admissions Director later told me my application stood out. He earmarked my application, placing me number one on their waitlist because of my application presentation and its focus on community involvement. In fact he chose me and ten other out-of-state students out of 4000 applicants for the President's Leadership Class even when I was still on the waitlist. If I had not sent in the additional materials, my community involvement would not have been recognized and I would have been denied admission.

Because of your advice, I not only have admission to the college where I really wanted to go, I also have the privilege to serve and learn from the president of the university in his leadership class, along with a $13,500 scholarship . . . I watched my brother and sister who were ranked number one in their high school class achieve great scholarship success from following your advice. . . I really didn't think I could qualify for anything with a bottom 50% class rank . . . But I presented my platform of what I could do well . . . followed your advice . . . and was rewarded immensely for my achievements . . . You challenged me that there was something out there for everyone. There really is."

Blair Brandon
Blair won 16 scholarships and grants for her first year of college totaling $112,400.

"My son Marcus was accepted to a private university that cost $15,000 per year in tuition alone. The university did not offer any types of scholarships to him. After learning of this, Marcus and I started preparing and organizing information based on Marianne Ragins' book, Winning Scholarships for College: An Insider's Guide, and her workshop. Using this information, we were able to get enough scholarship money to pay for his entire tuition bill."

F. Robinson
Parent and Workshop Attendee

"I would like you to know what a difference your book, Winning Scholarships for College: An Insider's Guide has made to me and my son. After reading your advice, we began to collect data about college and financial aid. Greg (my son) was beginning his junior year last fall when we found out about a scholarship sponsored by a local celebrity. . . Due to the preparation you recommended, we were ready to send in all of the necessary information by the deadline. In December, Greg was awarded $2500 to be used at the college of his choice. That same month using the same carefully prepared information, he was given a $3500 grant."

Mrs. R. R. Baker

"Dear Ms. Ragins, I wanted to tell you thank you for coming to speak at Northeastern University. The seminar was excellent . . . Thanks to you Ms. Ragins, I will be starting a part-time schedule in the fall."

L.J. Martin
Workshop Attendee

"The most important aspect of The Scholarship Workshop was the encouragement given by Ms. Ragins to keep applying for scholarships. I have applied for 17 scholarships and have been inspired by her strategies to create and send along with my applications a résumé. Because of this I have already been offered a part-time job at a bank. I sent them my scholarship application along with my résumé and they called and asked me if I would be interested in working part-time for them."

Adrienne Hickox
Adrienne won scholarships and grants for her first year of college totaling $5,620

"I am glad I came. I got the information I needed for my children as well as myself."

Workshop Attendee

"I would like to say that the workshop was very needed and informative. It gave me a lot of inspiration because it helped me to realize that if I have the determination to achieve something I will."

Kimberly Duhart
Kimberly won five scholarships and grants for her first year of college totaling $5,300

"I attended The Scholarship Workshop because I was amazed by Ms. Ragins` accomplishments and fame, which inspired me to acquire scholarships to help fund my college education. . . important aspects of the workshop were scholarship research processes, organization skills, and essay writing techniques. I learned to explore libraries, the Internet, and outside sources. Through my research, I discovered and applied to many scholarships for which I met the criteria."

Mia Armstrong
Mia won three scholarships totaling over $9,500

Individual results may vary. The statement(s) above should not be viewed as guarantee that you will definitely win a scholarship.


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